Internet Governance Forum in Geneva


So we had a meeting with the Internet Governance Forum in Geneva. Both the Advisory Group, some Dynamic Coalitions and an open Stock taking session summarizing what happened in Athens.

I was interviewed regarding questions about root servers by Intellectual Property Watch:

Patrik Faltstrom, former member of the Internet Architecture Board (IAB), said he personally would reject discussion on issues like root servers at the IGF as long as the questions to be answered were not more specified. While there might be aspects of the technical system that could be discussed at the IGF, so far questions had been very vague.

You can find the input I reacted to by looking at the notes by the scribe of the meeting here. Search for “»RIAZ TAYOB:” and you will find it.

I think the meeting went well. Most people seems to think the summary paper was pretty ok, and you can also look at the Chairsman’s closing remarks.