IETF in Vancouver


The 64th IETF meeting starts today. A long trip, from Copenhagen via Frankfurt to Vancouver. Yes, Lufthansa had Internet access on the flight (thanks to ConnexionByBoeing), but no power outlet on row 15, so I skipped access. During the 3.5 hour stay in Frankfurt I did though buy Internet access from Vodaphone. Expensive, but I just needed email access.

Why do we not see more roaming between 802.11 providers? I would be extremely interested in paying for 802.11 access from home to destination, including airport lounges and airplane?

When arriving to the hotel in Vancouver Friday the IETF WLAN network was already up and running. Great work by the local people. I parked in a chair in the lobby and have been sitting there more or less since (at least all of Saturday) except when sleeping.

At the IEPG meeting that just started, where we will have among other things a presentation about the IPv6 multihoming BOF at NANOG.