Is Tetra/Rakel good enough?


In an article in Ny Teknik (Swedish) it is noticed that the police in Sweden will start testing Rakel again. This after some software changes has increased the quality of the sound when using the system.

I do understand (sort of) that one did choose a separate system (and neither 3G, nor GSM) for what Rakel is to be used for when one made the initial investigation, but the question is whether today, 10 years later, the same decision would have been made?

Today we have to cooperate, and reuse as much as possible of the infrastructure that is built. Public sector must use as much as possible the same systems as normal end users. This implies if Rakel was investigated today, I would say it would have been better to require certain features in for example the 3G networks that anyone can use, and other features that the 3G networks can not give should be dropped from the requirement list.

Easy for me to say of course, and we are not in a situation where we can restart, but…similar discussions are ongoing regarding other infrastructural investments for the public sector.