attacked in court (again)


The spammer David Linhardt returned to court for the third time trying to get himself removed from the listings. That has not been successful as spamhaus is a service run in the U.K. He is on the spamhaus service listed as one of the largest spammers with a very long history.

Lindhardt has now gone to court again, and you can find the Spamhaus description of the situation here.

One could think the same decision will be made by the court again, but, it seems that is not the case. Spamhaus wrote the other day the following: *Well, our U.S. lawyers said it wasn’t possible, could never happen, never happened before in history… but here it is; Illinois judge Charles Kocoras orders ICANN to suspend with immediate effect:

We’re currently blocking some 50 Billion spams per day, I guess now we see what effect that has on the net.

Steve Linford The Spamhaus Project*

If you look at that PDF, you see that the court have asked ICANN to close the domain and not for example That implies the implications of the decision by the court will be very interesting.