Cisco model 9A5


A friend of mine, Paul Hoffman, wrote in his blog about some early Cisco hardware. He had found some description of a Cisco model 9A5, a Cisco product I had never heard about before.[gallery link=“file” columns=“4”]

I traded the hardcopy of the description for some Swedish food (in tubes btw), and when coming home, I was thinking a bit on how to expose the descriptions in the best way possible. I gave up, went to my friend Stefan at Ramgården in Lövestad and asked what he could do about it.

Stefan came up with a brilliant idea, to have glass on both front and back of the frame. If someone could create such a masterpiece of framing, it was Stefan. And sure he delivered. You can see pictures here on what he managed to do. Specifically, have a look at the detailed image of one of the corners of the back of the frame. Double layers of passpartout was needed.

Final result: excellent!

I do understand Stefan a few years ago ended up being Swedish Champion…