Flattr, is that the new shit?

Yesterday I visited Flattr in Malmö, and had a long nice coffe with some really smart people. Part from exchanging ideas on human rights issues, how to build networks in general, of course they also explained to me how Flattr works. In the case other people have not understood, here is the deal:

  1. You create a flattr account, and deposit money
  2. You choose how much money you want to donate each month
  3. You flattr (verb) various posts from people
  4. Each month, Flattr (the company) divide your donation between the number of flattr’s you have done

To make money they of course keep a small transaction fee. Which is fair.

I have also with the help of Veidit got some Flattr introduced on my blog. This one and of course also on http://go6.se/ where you can find a test on whether a domain name supports IPv6 correctly or not.

No go out there, join Flattr, and start flattr’ng!