Proposal on agreements in CSTD wg on IGF improvements

At the meeting in Geneva, Nurani just proposed the following:

A Shaping the Outcomes of the IGF meetings

  • Broad agreement on need to improve the outcome documentation from IGF

B Working modalities including open consultations, MAG and Secretariat

  • Broad agreement on need to rotate MAG members regularly, keep MAG deliberations transparent
  • Broad agreement to have the Secretariat remain independent and based in Geneva

C Funding of the IGF

  • Broad agreement that additional funding should be sought, that voluntary donations should be accepted and encouraged

D Participation - broadening

  • Broad agreement that the preparatory process needs to be made more visible, and for more stakeholders to participate in it
  • Broad agreement on the need to reach out to new stakeholders.
  • Broad agreement on need to enhance remote participation
  • Broad agreement to increase participation of developing country participants in IGF, increase IG4D topics in IGF, continue to rotate location of IGF annually to enable different regions to have easy access to IGF

E Linking IGF to other related processes/mechanisms/bodies

  • Broad agreement on the need to encourage greater links between national, regional & global IGF