Presentations from the previous millennium

I have been asked, specifically lately(!) to re-publish presentations I have had on naming, searching, finding and such things. Yes, I was working quite a lot with those things in the 1990’s. At the KTH in Stockholm, at Bunyip in Montréal and then at Tele2 in Stockholm.

Some of the base ideas that you can find in these presentations are still very close to me:

  • Search, lookup and fetch are three different operations, that operate on different data
  • Naming is a complicated issue by itself, and should not be ignored
  • Stability can be both across localities and over time
  • A hierarchy of data is often in the eye of whoever is looking

But, I will stop there, and refer to these presentations I created between 1996 and 1999. Two of them together with Leslie Daigle that is now at Internet Society, ISOC.